Help Documentation

Pay A Bill

To make a quick bill payment without exiting the current page, click Pay A Bill to the left of the expanded account. The payee must already be set up to use the Quick Bill Payment feature.
Click Pay A Bill. The Quick Bill Payment window will appear displaying Funding Account, Payee and Amount fields. Use the drop-down arrows to select the Funding Account and Payee. Once complete, the Amount, Send On and Deliver By field will also appear. Enter the amount and send on date. The Deliver By field will auto-populate with the projected delivery date. Click CONTINUE or CANCEL to cancel the bill payment. A new window will appear displaying your request. Select MAKE PAYMENT to complete the bill payment, BACK to edit the payment or CANCEL to cancel the bill payment. Once MAKE PAYMENT is selected, you will see a confirmation number appear on the top left of the page.
For all available bill pay features, select the Pay Bills tab. You are taken to the Pay Bills page where you may schedule recurring payments, view and edit upcoming payments, view payment history, set up e-Bills and set up new payees.

The Pay a Bill option will not display for accounts that do not have bill payment enabled. See Edit Preferences for how to enable bill payment for an account.