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Manage eStatements

This page allows you to enroll all eligible accounts in eStatements. eStatements allow you to view statements electronically instead of having to keep up with paper copies.
To enroll eligible accounts in eStatements, review the eStatement Terms and Conditions and select the checkbox verifying you can view PDF documents, and you have consented to the terms. Click I ACCEPT or I DECLINE to cancel enrolling your accounts in eStatements. A new page will appear, displaying all accounts that are eligible for eStatements. By default, all elligible accounts are set to Yes for eStatements. If there are accounts you do not want to be paperless, select No to the left of the accounts you want to exclude. Then click UPDATE STATEMENT OPTIONS or CANCEL to cancel enrolling in eStatements. You will be taken back to the main page of the Service Center where a message will be displayed indicating your enrollment in eStatements was successful.

To access eStatements go to the Accounts page and select Statements. You can view or download eStatements from the account you select. It may take one statement cycle for your changes to take effect.

You must have Adobe Reader to view the eStatement Terms and Conditions. A link to download Adobe Reader is provided to you on the eStatement Terms and Conditions page.

You can quickly setup all eligible accounts for eStatements, or remove all accounts from eStatements by selecting Go Paperless at the top left of the Manage eStatements page.