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Manage Security Questions

Use this feature to change the answers for the security questions that are used to challenge you for additional identity at login or used if you forget your password. You must update all questions and answers; you cannot change only one question and answer.
Select Manage Security Questions to change your existing security questions. A new window will appear. You must answer an existing security question before proceeding to change your security questions. Click LET'S GET STARTED.

Enter the correct answer to the security question that is displayed. Click CONTINUE. A new page will appear. Use the dropdown arrow to select a new security question and then enter the corresponding answer in the Answer field. Continue selecting questions and entering answers until all four security questions have been completed. Click CONTINUE. A message will display indicating your security questions were successfully changed.

Be sure to select questions and answers that are easy for you to remember. Answers are not case sensitive. You must select four different questions.

For security purposes, do not use the same answer for all four questions.