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View Mobile Website

You can view a mobile version of Woodforest National Bank website on a desktop computer or smartphone.
When you select View Mobile Website you will be taken to the mobile version of the Woodforest National Bank website where you can access multiple services. Use the green arrows located in the upper left corner of the page to navigate through different areas in the mobile version. To navigate back to the main menu, click the menu icon in the upper left corner.

View Accounts

To view your account balances, click on View Accounts. Your accounts will be displayed in a format easy to read on a smartphone. To view account details, click on the account.

Manage Transfers

To manage your transfers, click on Manage Transfers.

To make a transfer, click on Make a Quick Transfer. Use the dropdown arrows to choose the Accounts the transfer is coming from and going to, then enter a Memo (if desired) and Amount to transfer. Click CONTINUE. A new page will appear to review to your transfer request before submitting. Click TRANSFER FUNDS or BACK to go back to the previous page.

To view transfers that have not yet processed, click View Pending Transfers.

To view transfer history, click View Recent Transfers.

Pay Bills

To manage your bill payments, click on Pay Bills.

To make a bill payment, click Make a Payment. Use the dropdown arrows to choose the Payee and the Funding Account. Enter the amount to pay in the Amount field. Enter the date to send the payment in the Send On field. The estimated delivery date will appear in the Deliver By field. Click CONTINUE to submit your bill payment. A new page will appear with the bill payment details. Review the details and click MAKE A PAYMENT to continue or BACK to edit payment details.

To view upcoming payments, click View Scheduled Payments. The details of your bills scheduled to be paid will appear on a new page.

To view payment history, click View Recent Payments. The details of your recent bill payments will appear on a new page.

Note: You must access the regular web site to create, modify, or delete payees. From the menu, select Regular Site Access.

Find Locations

Click Find Locations to find Woodforest locations on the mobile online banking site. Enter in a Zip Code, or enter Street, City and State. Then, click FIND LOCATIONS. The five branches closest to the criteria entered will appear on a new page. To get branch details, click on the branch. Location details will appear on a new page. Use the green arrows at the top left of the page to navigate back to the location list. Click NEXT to display the next five closest branches. Click PREVIOUS to go back to the previous five closest branches.

Contact Us

Click Contact Us to view contact information for Woodforest National Bank. If your computer has phone functionality, click the hyperlinked phone number to dial one of the phone numbers listed.

Check Gift Card

Click Check Gift Card to view the balance of your Woodforest National Bank Gift Card. Enter the gift card number, and then click GET BALANCE. Your available and ledger balance will both be displayed.


Click FAQ> to view frequently asked questions.

About Us

Click About Us to view information about the Bank.

Privacy Policy

Click Privacy Policy to view the Bank’s privacy policy.

Regular Site Access

Click Regular Site Access to view the Bank’s desktop version of the online banking site. You will be taken to the Account Summary page.

For information relating to your Woodforest National Bank Gift Card, you may call the Gift Card Telephone System at 1-800-517-5168.