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Quick Transfer To

Use the Quick Transfer To feature to transfer funds from the account currently expanded without exiting the current page.
Click Quick Transfer To. A new window will appear displaying From, To, Memo, When, and Amount fields. By default, the current account will automatically appear in the To field.

You may use the drop down arrows to select a different To account and to select the From account. If you wish, enter a Memo (such as "groceries"). Then, enter the Amount and When and select CONTINUE or select CANCEL to cancel the transfer. A new window will appear displaying your request. Select TRANSFER FUNDS to complete the transfer, BACK to edit the transfer or CANCEL to cancel the transfer. Once TRANSFER FUNDS is selected, a confirmation window displays indicating the transfer was successful.

For all available transfer features, select the Transfers tab. You are taken to the Schedule a Transfer page where you may schedule recurring transfers, view and edit upcoming transfers, and view transfer history.

If you do not have at least two accounts, or at least two accounts enabled to perform Transfers, the Quick Transfer option will not display. See Edit Preferences for how to enable transfers for an account.