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Schedule a Transfer

This page allows you to schedule and view current and upcoming transfers between eligible accounts. You can set up a one-time transfer (dated today or 364 days into the future), or recurring transfers. Recurring transfers cannot begin on or before the date the transfer is created. You can also view online transfer history.

Transfers to Loan or Line of Credit accounts are considered payments to those accounts. You can also initiate Loan or Line of Credit payments from the Account Summary page. If you are transferring funds from a Home Equity Line of Credit, the minimum transfer amount is $4,000.00.

Use the dropdown arrows to choose which account the transfer will come From and go To. Then, enter a Memo, if desired (such as "groceries"), the Amount and When you want the transfer to occur. Select either One-time or Recurring.

If this is a one-time transfer, enter the date of the transfer, or select the calendar icon to choose the transfer date.

If this is a recurring transfer, select how often the transfer Occurs from the dropdown list. Select how often the transfer will occur from the Ends options. You can allow the transfer to occur indefinitely, specify the number of occurrences, or enter an end date.

Click Continue or Cancel to cancel the transfer. Review your request. Then, click Transfer Funds to complete the transfer or BACK to edit the transfer. Once Transfer Funds is selected, you will see a confirmation page indicating the transfer was successful.

If you are scheduling a recurring transfer, Recurring Schedule Preview displays prior to finalizing the transfer allowing you to see the upcoming transfer activity prior to completing the transfer.